Media Content

Henry Rollins & Rollins Band Promo
Starring Henry Rollins

This behind the scenes video directed and produced by Modi, follows the Rollins Band when they made the now famous "Weight"record up in Lake Tahoe and when the band was on the road with Pearl Jam.

Rollins Band Promo, Pt.1
Starring Henry Rollins

This video follows The Rollins Band when they make the record. Plus this media package  has comedy spots of Henry as a Mormon spreading the "Spoken Word" and his new album "Come In And Burn" Directed & Produced by Modi.

Rollins Band Promo, Pt.2
Starring Henry Rollins

PT 2 The Rollins Band continues to refine their sound and explore new possibilities, while maintaining their music's intensity.

Keith Richards Promo
Starring Manny Chevrolet

Virgin Recs sent me down to the set for Keith Richards new cilp "Wicked As It Seems:" to make a behind the scenes looks at the making of this video. BUT the label said they wanted some humor in it. So I brought Manny Chevrolet with me to lighten the mood.

Making of Siamese Dream
Smashing Pumpkins

We went to Atlanta to film the Smashing Pumpkins making the record Siamese Dream. Interviews with the band and Butch Vig too! Produced by Merrill Ward and Directed by Modi for Modivation Films.

Old Wives Tale Promo
Exene Cervenka

"Leave Heaven Alone" from Old Wives' Tales, Exene condemned militarism and environmental destruction. Produced and Directed by Modi for Modivation Films. In this video Exene asks you the question "What Do you think the future will be like?"