Short Films

"Pump With A Chump"
Starring Henry Rollins & Manny Chevrolet

Henry Rollins gives a wimpy guy (Manny Chevrolet) a workout
lesson in this award winning short comedy directed & produced
by Modi.

"Rosa MI Amor"
Starring Manny Chevrolet

"Rosa Mi Amor" is a short comedy film, which stars Manny Chevrolet as a man mourning for a dead wife he never had.
Directed by Modi. This short film has won numerous
film festival awards and is only available by request.

"Bad Day"
Starring Michael Blake, John Doe, Kevin Costner, Doug Knott
To download "Bad Day" the short western film by Modi & Exene Cervenka,  click here

"Have A Pleasant Flight"
Starring Manny Chevrolet

"Have A Pleasant Flight" stars Manny Chevrolet as a man just trying to travel! Photographed and Directed by Modi.

"Manny Goes To Woodstock"
Starring Manny Chevrolet

Manny  returns to "Woodstock" to find peace, love and profits!

"Free OJ!"
Starring Manny Chevrolet

Manny is hell bent on being OJ Simpson's lawyer in the big case. Produced and Directed by Modi.

"Manny's Place"
Starring Manny Chevrolet & Fishbone

In this short Manny gets to run a nightclub where Fishbone is playing. Directed & Produced by Modi.